Tamsen makes others smarter simply by listening to her.


who she is

Speaker, Consultant, Coach


what she does NOW



where she's speaking next

TEDxCambridge (emcee)
9 JUN 2016, Boston, MA
29 SEP 2016, Boston, mA

Content Marketing World
6-9 SEP 2016, Cleveland OH

MarketingProfs B2B Forum
18-21 OCT 2016, Boston, MA



Part "idea whisperer," part message strategist, and part presentation coach, Tmsen Webster helps people find and speak the power of their ideas.

She’s the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge and the SVP for Executive Communications and Coaching at Oratium.

In former lives, she worked in both agencies and at nonprofits, including the Peabody Essex Museum and Harvard Medical School -- heading up brand, marketing, and fundraising communications -- along with a brief, but enduring turn as a change management consultant.

She's also a retired Weight Watchers leader and accidental marathoner.

As Executive Producer at TEDxCambridge, Tamsen selects presenters from a diverse group of thinkers, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, and teachers—the only common thread being the gravitational pull of their ideas, and their desire to share them on the TEDx stage.

In addition to coaching the speakers in their presentation development, she also serves as the emcee for each live TEDxC event.

Tamsen honed her expertise in presentation as a frequent speaker at venues across the country. She continues to contribute keynotes and sessions on messaging strategy and skills to academic, cultural, marketing, branding, and business events, including Content Marketing World, MarketingProfs' B2B Marketing Forum, and HubSpot's Inbound conference.

With Oratium, she also hosts internal and external communications training workshops and webinars for corporate clients, including Disney, Ericsson, State Street Corporation, S&C Electric Company, Sage Software, Elantas, Underwriter's Laboratories, and Verizon.